Location Information

  • Rolland Moore Park Sand Courts
  • 8 1st Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80524 US
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 AM - 10 AM

I verify that I am a returning athlete for the 2020 Aspire Beach Club Season.

Player Information

Cancellation Policy: The $225 payment is final- no refunds.

Misconduct: I understand that misconduct of any kind can result in being asked to leave the program, either temporarily or permanently, based on the severity of the offense, without any refund.

Media/Promotional Release Agreement: I agree that any photographic or audio/video records taken of the undersigned in conjunction with Aspire Volleyball, may be used by the program for promotional and/or commercial purposes, without any remuneration to me or anyone on my behalf. I hereby assign to Aspire Volleyball the right, title and interest I may have in or to any and all media in which my name or likeness might be used in conjunction with its activities.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability: The participant has my permission to participate in training, events, activities and travel sponsored by Aspire Volleyball or any of its affiliates. I approve of the leaders who will be in charge of this program. I recognize that the leaders are serving to the best of their ability. In consideration for my being allowed to participate in Aspire Volleyball activities, I hereby agree to release and discharge from all liability Aspire Volleyball’s employees, coaches, agents, members, affiliates, officers, directors, volunteers, employees, instructors, tournaments, coaches, sponsors, contractors, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity for Aspire Volleyball from any and all responsibilities or liability from injuries or damages resulting from or connected with my participation in any of the exercise programs whether arising from the negligence of the releases or otherwise.

1. Acknowledgment of Risk: I recognize that there are inherent and other risks, which may or may not all be listed in this document, associated with Aspire Volleyball activities. These dangers include but are not limited to falling; striking padded or unpadded surfaces; being injured by balls, posts, other objects, or the actions or inactions of participants, instructors, or spectators; equipment failures; risks associated with playing volleyball; risks associated with encounters with animals and insects; illness or injury resulting from engaging in physical activity; and illness arising from infection by COVID-19 and/or other diseases which are communicable through interaction or contact with other people who are infected and/or objects that are contaminated. I recognize that if I encounter these risks, serious injury, illness or death may result, and I understand that no amount of care, caution, instruction or expertise can eliminate these risks. I understand that I alone am responsible to decide whether to engage in Aspire Volleyball activities.

I confirm that I am physically and mentally capable of participating in Aspire Volleyball activities, and I understand that if my mental or physical condition changes after the execution of this agreement such that I am not capable of participating in Aspire Volleyball activities, I am obligated to cease participating in Aspire Volleyball activities. I acknowledge that the training and activities might be held in various locations, and hereby accept all risk associated with all offsite exercise programs. I hereby assume full responsibility for all the foregoing risks, known and unknown, and accept responsibility for the damages following any injury, permanent disability, or death.

I certify that the participant has medical insurance. I also certify to the best of my knowledge that the participant named hereon is physically fit to engage in the following activities: volleyball, running, conditioning, strength training.

If, during the course of my daughter's activities at camp, she becomes ill or sustains an injury, I hereby authorize Aspire Volleyball to obtain emergency medical/dental care. I will assume financial responsibility for the costs incurred directly or through my insurance company.

2. Assumption of Risk: Despite the risks involved and as consideration for being allowed to participate in the Aspire Volleyball activities, I AGREE TO EXPRESSLY ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISK OF INJURY, ILLNESS OR DEATH that might be associated with my participation Aspire Volleyball activities and use of the facilities.

3. Agreement Never to Sue: I AGREE NEVER TO SUE AND TO RELEASE FROM LIABILITY, Aspire Volleyball, for any damage, injury or death to me arising from participation in Aspire Volleyball activities or use of the facilities, regardless of cause, including the ALLEGED NEGLIGENCE of Aspire Volleyball, including claims of negligent instruction, with the exception of claims that cannot be released under applicable law. I understand that this RELEASE OF LIABILITY will prevent me, my child, her heirs and my heirs from filing suit or making any claim for damages in the event of injury or death arising from my participation in Aspire Volleyball activities or use of its contracted facilities. I UNDERSTAND THIS IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY that will apply whenever I participate in Aspire Volleyball activities or use of the facilities, and that each time I use the facilities and/or engage in Aspire Volleyball activities, that will constitute a renewal and reaffirmation of my acceptance of this agreement.

4. Indemnity: If I, my child, my heir, her estate, my estate, or her or my legal representatives file a claim or a lawsuit arising out of my participation in Aspire Volleyball activities or use of the facilities, I AGREE TO DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Aspire Volleyball for any and all damages, attorney’s fees, and costs arising out of such a claim or a lawsuit. If I execute this agreement on behalf of another person, I certify that I am authorized to execute this agreement on their behalf and agree to DEFEND, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS Aspire Volleyball in the event that person brings a claim and contends that I was not authorized to execute this agreement. I have read this agreement and understand its contents. I am aware that this is a complete release of liability and a binding contract, and I sign it of my own free will. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age on the date hereof, and if I am signing on behalf of a minor participant, that I am the Participant’s parent or legal guardian.

Parent/Guardian Information


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